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Wilridge Estate Vineyard

A seemingly simple wine tasting experience transforms into an afternoon full of adventure: picnic, hike, bike, rock climb, or enjoy the wildlife.

Planted in 2007, Wilridge Vineyard is a rare organic and Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard, perhaps the cleanest in Washington. 23 varieties are planted in the unique loess soil composed mostly of windblown volcanic ash over volcanic rock brought by ancient eruptions at Goat Rocks. In the shadow of the Cascade Range the vineyard sits at about 1600 ft elevation giving the vineyard cool nights to help the grapes develop lovely fruit.

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Experience the Vineyard

With over 80 acres of vineyards, orchards and sageland bluffs to explore, a seemingly simple wine tasting experience transforms into an afternoon full of adventure. Your visit can include wine tasting, picnicing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, wildlife viewing or relaxing on the lawn.

Wine Tasting

As Washington's first cooperative tasting room, The Tasting Room Yakima represents four bouqitue WA wineries Harlequin Wine Cellars, Mountain Dome Winery, Naches Heights Vineyard and Wilridge Winery. With over 20 wines available by the glass or bottle, you are sure to find a wine to love.

Picnic Areas:

Pack a picnic lunch, choose your favorite WA wine from our wide selection and spend the afternoon relaxing under the sun. The porch on our 1900's farmhouse tasting room provides picnic tables with amazing views of the Yakima Valley and Wilridge Vineyard. Picnic tables are available on a first come, first serve basis. But can always bring along a blanket and camp out on the lawn in the shade of the vines and fruit trees.

Hiking, Biking and Wildlife

The Cowiche Canyon Nature Preserve trail and mountain biking area is a few steps from The Tasting Room Yakima's back door. The 1/2 mile trail through Wilridge Vineyard down to the canyon floor is surrounded by century old sagebrush, wildlife and beautiful Andesite and Basalt rock formations. Once a railroad line, Cowiche Canyon is now a 2.9 mile unpaved trail, framed with basalt and andesite rock as it winds to make 9 crossings of the creek. Several hundred species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, birds and other wildlife flourish in the area. Bring along your walking shoes, water bottle, and camera and we'll point you in the right direction.  In 2013, the trail system in the Preserve was expanded onto Cowiche Mountain at Snow Mountain ranch, more that doubling the trail system.

"The Cowiche Canyon Trail is a great location for finding Lazuli Bunting, Bullock's Oriole, Black-headed Grosbeak, and Yellow-breasted Chat. It is also a very quiet location with little man-made noise intrusions and the steep walls confine the birds in a very narrow band. Late May through early June features the prime period for claiming territories, the birds will be most vocal and visible at this time. Chats, Orioles, and Grosbeaks are usually found within the first three bridges...with additional individuals added as we go farther. This year, we didn't find a Bunting until bridge six. Probably went by more but they are small and have rather weak high pitched calls. Plus they prefer a drier habitat lingering just behind the riparian band.

Rock Wrens and Canyon Wrens are also vocal along the trail at this time of year. Frequently, they will be high on the walls or on the rim. Turkey Vultures and Ravens cruise by if one remembers to look up. Common Nighthawks were seen this year and every year brings Swallows...both Violet-green and Cliff nest heavily there.

Marmots are usually seen and a variety of plants also add appeal to the walk. And though the trail has a reputation for rattlesnakes, I have never seen one in all my visits. I suppose if you walk heavy and slow, they move out of the way. "

~Excerpts from reports by Richard Repp on Yakima Valley Audubon field trips to Cowiche Canyon in May and June.

Rock Climbing:
Grab your gear and come rock climbing! Two sections of andesite rock on the south side of Wilridge Vineyard host bolted anchors with top rope climbing opportunities ranging from 5.8 - 5.12. We'll point you in the right direction....all you need is a sense of adventure and your rock climbing gear. We do suggest delaying the wine consumption part of your visit until after climbing!

Wildlife Viewing:
Enjoy a glass of wine on the porch and see: raptors flying overhead, squirrels running here and there, quail meandering on the lawn, marmots seeking food on the bluffs, butterflys and praying mantis in the garden, and so much more.