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Robert Parker's Wine Advocate Loves Wilridge!

"Succulent fruit, plenty of spice, and impeccable balance make for a classy red blend."  91 Points – Wine Advocate

Wilridge Winery Melange, Wine Advocate

"2008 Melange Artz Vineyard is a blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, and 25% Cabernet Franc.  Purple/black in color, it delivers a fragrant nose of cedar, white pepper, sage, olives, violets, black currant, and blackberry that jumps from the glass.  Succulent fruit, plenty of spice, and impeccable balance make for a classy red blend that will evolve for 2-3 years and drink well through its 15th birthday." 91 Points

--Jay Miller, Wine Advocate

Wilridge Winery Pinot Grigio, Seattle PI

"I’m going to give you a valuable tip about this wine and I hope you use it: Drink this with friends, and finish it within an hour or so. I say that because this is, when first opened, one of the most flambouyant, jazzy, different Pinot Grigios you will ever come across. The flavor profile is, literally, almost un-Grigio-like. I got delicious, crisp, mouth-watering (not a metaphor; my mouth literally watered at the first sip!) flavors of apricot, mango, pineapple, buttermint, lemon cream, over-ripe pears, almonds, and other notes seldom found in Pinot Grigio. If I had been served this without the bottle to read, I might have guessed that it was a dry Italian Moscato or a blend of Malvasia Bianca, Viognier, and Torrontes. It was that unusual. I did find that, after about 75 minutes, these notes started to fade a bit and the usual apple/pear/citrus flavors came to the fore. But, in that first golden hour, this wine is simply a stunner, worth waaaay more than the ridiculously modest sticker price. If you love lighter, complex, silky, aromatic whites as the weather turns warmer, you’d do well to buy this puppy by the case!" 92 Points

Wilridge Winery Nebbiolo, Seattle PI

"There have been only a scant handful of Washington Nebbiolos over the past ten-twenty years. We grow the grape and grow it fairly well but, in the back of every winemaker’s dark little heart, the wine they want to make from this warm, sexy Piemonte grape is Barolo…which simply takes a LOT of time. Morrison Lane makes a very good one, and little Cascade Cliffs Winery in Bingen has been making a lovely bottle for at least twelve years now, both using all estate fruit. But this gorgeous black diamond of a wine is, in my opinion, the best WA Nebbiolo yet. It’s as close as you’re going to get, without 12-15 years of bottle age, to understanding what it is about Barolo that makes grown men – and weenies like me – get all maudlin and swoony. This is rich, warm, subtly spicy, layered with warm pie-crust, berry compote, and woodsmoke notes. The fruit palate is deep and varied: blackberry pie, Kirsch, black plums, blueberry, stewed raspberries, and currants. There’s a hint of aged Balsamic, a trace of gunpowder, and a whiff of cigar box. And the mineral notes are clear and unobtrusive; a kiss in parting on that long, slow finish. Brilliant wine at a very reasonable +/- $30." 93 Points

—Steve Body "The Pour Fool" Seattle Post Intelligencer