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VOLUNTEER: Bottling & Crush Crew at Wilridge Vineyard

This is your chance to share in the physical labor, the sweat, and the satisfaction that comes from crushing grapes and bottling the wine.

Then later, uncorking a bottle you had a role in creating and sharing it with friends.

Be a part of Wilridge Winery's BOTTLING & CRUSH CREW, a Community Volunteer Wine Making Program at Wilridge Vineyard. Smaller boutique wineries and distilleries in Washington, like Wilridge, rely on the volunteer support of like-minded individuals who want to play a role in, and be a part of, the Yakima Wine Country Experience. 

Participate in the Art of Making Wine

If you ever wondered how Washington Wines are made, Wilridge Vineyard’s Bottling & Crush Crew provides the wine making curious the opportunity to share in the physical labor, the sweat, and the success that comes from crushing grapes and bottling the wine. It's hard work and at times tedious. But the hours are flexible and the experience invigorating. 

Wilridge Winery's Bottling & Crush Crew
growing our crew of community volunteers

There are regular weekly volunteer duties throughout the year, as well as lots of general wine making tasks going on during Harvest Season; Aug, Sept and Oct. Everything from bottling, labeling and filling cases to running tons of fresh picked grapes through the crusher, pushing down the cap, pressing the grapes and putting that precious juice into oak barrels to begin its journey into wine.

So if you have a couple days open throughout the week, once or twice a month (or weekly), or if you're visiting Yakima and would like to be a part of a weekend Wine Crew (Fri, Sat and/or Sun), we encourge you to make a commitment for a day or two, and come be a part of the team. Share in the wine making experience -- at a variety of stages from Harvest to Tasting. Volunteers call it a labor of love (their love of wine). Yea, it can be hard work. But, your investment in sweat equity gives you bragging rights in the future when you uncork a bottle of Wilridge Wine with your family and friends.

Interested? Would you like more information?

Contact our community volunteer coordinator
Winemaker and Master Distiller, Dennis Grace
Note “Bottling & Crush Crew” in the subject. 

Full-time and Part-time Internships are also available.
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Do-It-Yourself Vineyard Adventures
Wilridge's vineyard paths and trails are Open to the Public for hiking, biking and exploring every weekend; Fri, Sat and Sun Noon-7p. Just drop by our tasting room get a copy of the Wilridge Vineyard Map then create your own adventure! 

Use the map as your guide to walk and wonder through the vineyard paths, maybe hike over to the Winery and Distillery, find your way to the cliff trails, visit the "Selfie Worthy" scenic view points and scout for marmots -- always delightful. Appropriate footwear recommended.