Columbia Valley

Wine Details

Blend: 100%Malbec

Brix: 23.2

Acidity: 6.8 g/L

Ph: 3.39

Price: $20/bottle   $216/case

Malbec is one of the five classic grape varieties that may be used in red Bordeaux wines.*  However, it is Argentina, not France, that has created Malbec's sudden rise in popularity.  And if Argentina can grow great Malbec, Washington State should as well, since the two regions are mirrors of each other in different hemispheres.  The wine growing areas of Argentina and Washington are the same distance from the equator; so both get the same long days of sunshine during the growing season.  Further, Argentina is protected by the Andes and Washington is protected by the Cascades.  Therefore, it's no wonder why both regions produce exceptional Malbec.


*The other four are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petite Verdot.  Carmenere was also used historically but is now mostly found in Chile.