Estate Zweigelt

Wilridge Vineyard

Wine Details

Blend: 100% Zweigelt

Brix: 23.4

Acidity: 7.5

Ph: 3.08

Total Production: 49 cases

Price: $35/bottle   $378/case

The Accidental Wine

When Wilridge Vineyard was planted in 2007, the plan was to include half an acre of Pinot Blanc to be used in the Estate Melange Blanc white blend.  Imagine our surprise three years later when the first grapes to appear on the vines were not white but purple!  We contacted the nursery where we had purchased the vines and they eventually figured out that the original mother plants for Pinot Blanc were taken from a vineyard that also had a small area of Zweigelt.  Almost impossible to distinguish in the winter when the cuttings were taken, the nursery got Zweigelt instead of Pinot Blanc and sold the Zweigelt to us.  We would never have thought to plant Zweigelt on Naches Heights, but now that it's here, we like the results.

Tasting Notes

Zweigelt is the most widely planted red grape in Austria where it makes spicey, floral red wines and is known to withstand harsh winters.  In fact, some claim that Zweigelt is the most cold hardy vinifera grape in the world.  It's certainly is happy on Naches Heights where it produces a medium bodied red wine in the style of a Beaujolais from a good year -- fruity and flavorful with spicy cinammon and floral violet aromas.  Think Beaujolais with a little more power and spice.